Brief 1 – Identity – Inspirations;

I was inspired by Danny Gregory’s illustrated journey. The way cartoonize his point of view. Like, what he see, he makes it to his own twist in a funky way. Below, are an example of one of his work that greatly inspired me. This look complete and incomplete, all at the same time.

‘The Beast Is Back Inc’. (TBIBI) is one of the other illustrator artists that inspired me, the way he or she uses minimum shapes with textures. I just had an idea with with this one! I could use a mixture from Danny and TBIBI, for instance, use Danny’s style of outlining everything and use TBIBI style of adding depth within the lines? The work ‘Lost’ is what I think would be a good representation of what I want to do. 

Above, is the art called ‘Lost’ by TBIBI.

Edited: revisited… I also got heavily inspired by ‘Home’, this gives me a sense of idea of moving forward with the project. Below, are the images that gave me a boost!

I actually really love how simple these are! I just think they are so much effective and modern than going heavily into details, wasting time… especially if the project is on such small amount of period. I will definitely go ahead with inspiration from TBIBI – Home.

I will create my piece comical and clean.

Because the title is called something that warms your heart, such as, Home… I will title my Identity project as ‘Journey’.

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